Your local Street Sweeping professionals

You won’t believe the difference power sweeping can make to your city/town, workplace, car park, or construction site. Whether you need a quick, efficient clean up after a particularly heavy job, or regular cleaning services to keep your place of business looking professional and tidy, B&B Street Sweeping can help. We arrive promptly, get the job done, and get out of your way with minimum disruption to your regular operations. For street sweeping in Busselton and Bunbury and all of the South West, call B&B.

Road Sweeping

Our fleet of sweepers is regularly serviced and updated, which means that you get the best possible sweeping service. We have a range of sweepers that can handle jobs from small business car parks to sweeping your entire subdivision, town or city. We have the equipment and expertise to complete any job large or small.


Path & Car park Sweeping

With our specialized Tennant sweepers we can sweep all material from footpaths, cycle ways and car parks, this equipment is small and maneuverable, allowing access where sweeper trucks cannot go.  Tennant sweepers have high performance and can remove sand, gravel, glass as well as light material such as leaves and litter. This equipment is supplied on a plant trailer for mobilization and is towed by a 2 tonne tip truck to remove debris to landfill.


Drain Cleaning

Our specialized Drain Cleaning trucks use Hydro-jett technology to flush out sediment and debris, and  to run hydraulic root cutting equipment. We are able to clean pipes ranging in diameter from 100mm to 1500mm and up to 200m long. This equpment is supplied with a full range of state of the art drain cleaning attachments including hydraulic root cutters, culvert nozzle and heavy duty sand bombs. Our experienced operators are fully trained in the safe & efficient  operation of hydro-jett equipment.